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More dealings with dumbasses

I’ve complained a few times about idiots that keep using my Gmail address as their own because they’re stupid and can’t keep their email address straight.

Ever since I’ve noticed this trend, I’ve been keeping track of things — names, dates, sites, etc. Just for my records.

Today someone signed up for an eBay account using my email address. When I added this information to the list, I realized that I had an impressive list of names. This isn’t just one or two people that keep making the same mistake — there are eight (presumably) different people that lack the brain cells to know their email address! And that is just counting the emails I get with names… I get tons more that don’t have any identifying information.

The stupidity, it burns

I’ve complained before about my problem with some dipshits giving out my email address as their own. I have a “canned response” that I send when an actual person (vs. an account creation bot or mailing list) is on the sending end.

The reply is short and polite — please check the email address you have on file for the person you are trying to reach, and please remove my email address from your contacts yadda yadda.

The response I just got back from “lollydolly” takes the cake:


I’m tempted to reply, but then I’ll just get in a few rounds of “tease the idiot” which won’t solve anything because, well, she’s an idiot and it won’t sink in that she did email me first.

The “sign the idiot up for a bunch of porn sites” route seems like it’d be much more effective.

How many idiots does it take to get their email address correct?

Quite a few, actually.

I was one of the people who snagged a Gmail account way back in ’04 when it was still beta. Therefore, I managed to claim my ideal username — kellybelly.

Apparently a lot of people out there named Kelly want this email address for themselves — so much so that they actually think that it’s their email account …. and they sign up for sites using it!

Over the past few years I’ve got a Facebook account, a Friendster account, a Kodak gallery account, access to an LA Fitness account… today I was signed up for some book club. I’ve gotten someone’s homework, scripts for the school play and information about job interviews. The worst offender is some chick who keeps signing up her kid (or letting her kid sign up) for a bunch of kid-themed sites: Barbie, Build-A-Bear, etc. I’ve managed to find out the mom’s email address and have emailed her on a few occasions asking her to stop (or tell the brat to stop) using my email address but my notes must be getting ignored since I got another one today. Now I’m no longer being nice and polite.

This really is just the tip of the iceberg… I only started archiving the emails the past few months since it’s become an almost daily issue.

Do these people realize how easy it is for me to log in (via the ‘lost my password’ function) and access their account and all the information? If I was a less honest person I’d have some credit card information for a few people and can really screw them over.

I just… I’m baffled. How stupid do you have to be to consistently give out the wrong email address?

I’m really getting sick and tired of dealing with this. I guess I can ignore them, but then I’ll have a bunch of accounts linked to my email account and I’d rather not do that. So instead, when I get a notice, I try to investigate and reply appropriately.

When an email comes from an actual person I’ll politely ask them to stop emailing me and double-check the email address of the intended recipient. Most times this works, but I’ve run into an idiot or two that doesn’t believe me when I say I’m not who they think I am. Really.

When I have another means of contact (mailing address, etc) I’ll try to send a message via that method. Only happened twice, not sure if it worked.

When there is no means of communication (website accounts, mostly), I’ll email the site help center and ask that the account be canceled. Maybe it’s a bit harsh, but it gets the point across when they try to log in.