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I’m in a crafting mood. Staying inside from the cold is boring. I’ve been reading, and cooking, and watching TV, but I want to make something. The problem is, I’m not particularly crafty, or motivated. I get started on a project and end up abandoning it. I think this is because I am not in love with whatever craft I’m doing (crochet, embroidery, sewing, etc). I think I need to find a craft that I really enjoy, and then I’ll be motivated to keep at it.

I really wish I could get motivated to create (or alter) clothing. One of my resolutions this year is to not buy any clothing or shoes new. I can go to thrift stores or estate/garage sales, but nothing from a store. This of course doesn’t apply to things like socks or undies… if needed, I’ll still buy those new. But it would help me greatly if I was good with the sewing machine… I would be able to alter anything I find.

Anyway, I subscribe to a ton of DIY and crafting blogs. I constantly see things that inspire me to create … I just need to get off my duff and do it!

So here’s a collection of links that have caught my eye recently. I hope something inspires you!

Pretty little DIY packages to store your digital photos. Definitely something I should do, with all the photos I take.

I recently bought an ice cream attachment for my Kitchenaid. I made one batch so far (it was yummy) and now I want to try this cereal milk ice cream recipe. Yes … cereal milk. That’s the best part left over after a bowl of Fruit Loops or Cocoa Krispies, so I’m sure ice cream would be super yummy!


I should read and try these projects and tips for beginner sewers.

These crocheted pink hearts are super-cute… they might be good to add to a give, or pin to a sweater.

These super cute, and super easy, heart pouches,

Crochet granny straps! So cute, especially with the hex bag!

I have a ton of knee socks that I barely wear. Maybe I should turn them into short socks and fingerless gloves. I do wear arm warmers…

Stitching postcards. What a fun idea for the traveler. I can also see myself going through my box of unused postcards and embellishing with some stitching.

How to wash a wool sweater. I’ve been doing it wrong.

These gorgeous fabric roses would be great on a headband or as a big brooch (or for wedding decorations or a bouquet).

I’d love to try quilling. It’s so pretty! I can imagine it being cheap, too. After all, it’s paper. Maybe I’ll stop at the craft store soon and see about picking up a few supplies to try this out.

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