Ghetto blaster asscakes

Haha, that’s what I call them, as if their real name isn’t funny enough.


Not sure if you’ve seen Batter Blaster in your local grocer’s dairy section (I found it by the eggs). I had seen it at the store a few months ago, had a WTF?! moment and promptly forgot about it, until I saw a review online a few weeks ago and I got the itch to try it. Apparently they’re so good that when I was at the supermarket some stranger stopped me when she saw the can in my hand and raved about them.

Basically, it’s batter in a whipped cream canister. You just “blast” out some batter into the pan and make pancakes (or waffles, if you swing that way). Sounds weird, but damn they’re tasty!

I love the idea because out of the two people in the house I’m the only one that likes to eat pancakes. It’s a royal pain to mix up a partial batch of batter when I get the hankerin’ for a few flapjacks, and I still end up wasting a bunch of ingredients (re-heated ‘cakes are nasty, IMO). Now I can keep a can in the fridge (I haven’t yet researched the shelf life of a can), and squeeze out a few asscakes whenever the mood strikes.

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