Animal Crossing: City Folk is here!

Yes, finally, the new Animal Crossing game is here! I ran out to Best Buy this morning and picked it up. I got the bundle with the Wii Speak , so everyone can hear me belch while visiting my town. I got the game guide as well, so I can mark off the items in my catalog.


I decided to start today as Day 1, instead of setting the date back to November 1st. I probably wouldn’t time travel at all, and I thought it would be confusing keepting track of special events. I also didn’t move my DS character over. I thought it would be more fun starting completely fresh.

If you also have this game, make sure to add me to your roster (and leave your friend code in the comments so I can add you back). I am Elvira in Wauktown, and the code is 0989-5223-0374.

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