Three Months!

Photo by daddy.

Photo by daddy.

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been three months already! Time sure flies when you’re wiping poopy butts! Our little boy is growing like a weed, and his personality is coming out more and more each day.

Working: Yep. My first full day back in the office is today. It’s sad to leave him for ten whole hours a day. I wish home was a little closer so I could pop in mid-day for a feeding/snuggle session.

Wearing: He’s mostly in 6 month clothes now. He’s too long for most 3- and 3-6 month sizes (at least the footie pajamas). There are so many clothes he’s already outgrown… good thing he has a little cousin on the way to pass them along to!

Eating: Mom Noms still. Dad gives pumped milk to him when I’m away.

Reading: He likes to read Fox in Socks with his dad. We have so many books, but right now can’t tell which are his favorite(s). He does seem to enjoy us reading to him.

Talking: Making new sounds everyday, it seems. He likes to talk. “Agoo” is his favorite word right now. :)

Playing: He likes his green worm (?) rattle from IKEA (we named him Pierre). He’s started to get interested in Sophie (he likes the squeaking). Also likes this baby gym from IKEA. This past week he’s really started reaching and grabbing for toys that he wants. Oh! He gets super excited about the Baby View app on the iPad, specifically the b&w butterflies and the primary color stars. He knows (for the stars) to touch the screen. I’ll have to get a good video, he’s so cute when he gets excited!

Dealing with a lipase issue, and a ten week update


First off.., the little dude is ten weeks old today! Which means that I go back to work in two weeks. boo. He’s growing like a weed; it seems like every time I pick him up he’s longer and heavier. He’s been smiling a lot, laughing sometimes, and ‘talking’ up a storm. He holds his head up really well, but doesn’t show many signs of rolling over yet. We’re getting a daytime routine down, but he only likes half-hour naps. He sleeps well at night, usually 6-7 hours at his longest stretch (9:30p – 4:30a or so). He just slept eight hours last night, whohoo!

We’re still breastfeeding exclusively, save for a bottle (of breastmilk) once a day. We started that around 3-4 weeks to get him ready for when I return to work. I pump in the morning after I feed him (sometimes before, if he slept particularly long and I need some relief), and again when he gets his bottle, if I’m particularly full. I’ve been freezing most of what I pump except for a bottle or two for the next day.

I’m fortunate that I haven’t had any issues with supply, and have an slight oversupply so I could create a stash. I have (estimated) 100 ounces or so in the deep freeze right now. I really hope that I will be able to feed this to him in the future. You see… I apparently have a lipase issue with my breastmilk.

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Phase 3 complete! Or, Holy Crap we’re full-term!

So this past weekend we put the final finishing touches on the baby’s room and can finally (finally!) say that it’s complete!


We are so happy with how it turned out! There are a few minor things we may change (new closet doors, a rug, etc) but overall we’re in love with how it turned out. Not too baby-ish and definitely our style. We’re definitely not fans of the pre-packed nursery themed stuff you find at the baby stores.

The room was completed just in time — this weekend marked the 37th week of this pregnancy, which according to a variety of baby-centric sites means that we’re full term! Baby Grape can arrive at any time now… we’re pretty much ready!

Phase 5: Garage was completed a while ago as well. We J put up some new (to us) cabinets and re-organized everything. Right now there’s a growing pile of stuff that we are donating or going to try to sell on craigslist, so it still looks like a mess. But it’s getting there!

Oh yeah, the baby shower was last weekend! So much fun, and we’re so, so appreciative to our family and friends who helped ‘shower’ the baby!

baby shower

Next time I update will probably be to announce Baby Grape’s arrival! eeeee!

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