9 Months


A turned nine months old this past Sunday. How time flies!

Eating: We’re well on our way to solids! He eats two good meals a day, usually mashed baby food but also some table food. He loves his puffs and also guacamole and scrambled eggs.

Moving: He crawls so fast, and can pull himself up to standing just as quickly. I don’t think it will be long before he starts walking.

Growing: He has his two bottom teeth, and the two middle top ones are coming in. The other day I noticed the two top side ones are also cut through, so we should see those soon.

We’re already starting to think about his first birthday party! eek!

Not sure why this popped in my head this morning on the drive to work. But… after keeping a baby alive for nine months, there’s no way I believe that little Judith in The Walking Dead is still alive.

  1. What the hell is she eating? I know early on they raided a store and got some baby supplies… but really? Do you know how much formula they would have needed to grab to keep her alive this long? And water! Where are they getting all the water to mix up the formula? Maybe they’re feeding her “real” food and mashing it up somehow. In an emergency that would work. But where are they getting the food? They never really explain that for the adults.

    I would believe it more if there was a lactating woman as part of the group. Of course, she would have lost her baby because goodness knows, we can’t have two babies on the show.

  2. Diapers. I can give this a bit of a pass because we do use cloth diapers. But goodness, that baby must stink. I can’t imagine they can wash the diapers that frequently.
  3. Babies cry. A lot. Even if their diaper is dry and they’re fed, they still cry. And I don’t believe that those two needs are being met to her satisfaction, so… cry. There’s no way she’s not calling zombies all the time.. By now she should have either been eaten or abandoned for being a liability.

Anyway. This is the sort of thing I think about.

Three Months!

Photo by daddy.
Photo by daddy.

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been three months already! Time sure flies when you’re wiping poopy butts! Our little boy is growing like a weed, and his personality is coming out more and more each day.

Working: Yep. My first full day back in the office is today. It’s sad to leave him for ten whole hours a day. I wish home was a little closer so I could pop in mid-day for a feeding/snuggle session.

Wearing: He’s mostly in 6 month clothes now. He’s too long for most 3- and 3-6 month sizes (at least the footie pajamas). There are so many clothes he’s already outgrown… good thing he has a little cousin on the way to pass them along to!

Eating: Mom Noms still. Dad gives pumped milk to him when I’m away.

Reading: He likes to read Fox in Socks with his dad. We have so many books, but right now can’t tell which are his favorite(s). He does seem to enjoy us reading to him.

Talking: Making new sounds everyday, it seems. He likes to talk. “Agoo” is his favorite word right now. :)

Playing: He likes his green worm (?) rattle from IKEA (we named him Pierre). He’s started to get interested in Sophie (he likes the squeaking). Also likes this baby gym from IKEA. This past week he’s really started reaching and grabbing for toys that he wants. Oh! He gets super excited about the Baby View app on the iPad, specifically the b&w butterflies and the primary color stars. He knows (for the stars) to touch the screen. I’ll have to get a good video, he’s so cute when he gets excited!

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